Alternate Reality

Brother Thomas has explained to the party that he is trying to fix what is wrong in the world. In fact there are many differences between this world and a traditional Dark Ages vampire campaign.

The first is the most obvious, which is that technology and science is spreading like an under current through out the land. Cities in Europe are benifiting from clean sanitation (sewers), medicine, and occult knowledge.

This has led to a the population at large being very aware of their cainite and supernatural neighbors, and the knowledge to fight them. The Spanish Inquisition is happening 150 years ahead of schedule. History itself has been altered partially by the party, and partially by an unseen hand. Richard’s older Brother Henry inhereited the throne, which left Richard in a position to take back the holy land and crown himself King of Jerusalem.

From a Cainite point of few there are a few changes to be aware of. The first is that a cainite can not enter the home of anyone that has a “Home Threshold”. Meaning a place that is home to a family where they live day in and out and do not conduct buisness within. Inn’s, military holdings, church holdings are not defined as having such a threshold.

The second more serious problem is that being penitrated by wood in any limb disables that limb from use till the wood is removed, much like the effect of being stabbed through the heart by wood. Being stabbed in the chest (not the heart) removes 1 dice per pieces of wood stuck in them. Being stabbed in the head reduces all Mental attributes to 1 dice till the wood is removed. Mortals have become aware of this and have started to arm themselves with wood spears and arrows in case a cainite is identified.

Other changes may become apparent as time goes on.

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