The Greek




Sedocious was born in Heraklion Greece. Growing up he had encountered a group of crusaders and since then always admired them for their courage, honesty, and ferocity. Sedocious had always believed it was the right thing to do to defend those unable to defend themselves or teach them how to defend themselves. The following are his journals regarding his experiences down the dark path of the night.
Brother Thomas is truly a prophet and man of God. I have seen him do miraculous things and he always teaches that God loves us and protects us. Sometimes we go through horrible things only that we can learn and strive to be more like him. Brother Thomas is a great man and has taught me much. Today is the first day that I will be allowed to partake of a holy sacrament which will allow me the strength to serve him on a much more involved level.

Today I recall the ceremony was quite simple. I think it comes down to what is in our hearts that makes this occasion truly special. After a few words and time to meditate, we were given a special brew of sorts and told to run a special “errand” for him. We were asked to take note of any physical changes. I did feel much stronger than I normally was. Were it not for the tussle we had gotten into I would not have believed the difference we all had in physical strength. Truly it is the strength of God that fills us and allows us to do his bidding this day.

Each day now Brother Thomas gives us this powerful drink that gives us the strength of God. Brother Thomas always tells us that God moves in mysterious ways. Sometimes we are asked to do things that do not seem like God would have it done. I remember Brother Thomas telling me once “Sedocious, if God always gave everyone what they wanted, the world would turn to chaos. Sometimes, in order to paint a beautiful picture, God has to use some dark colors.” I never forgot those profound words to me. Sometimes we would be asked to do some rather dark things in the name of God. I even remember what the crusaders said that it is all for the greater good. That mankind would be blessed by God in the end so long as we all did his work.

Today Brother Thomas taught us of power dark creatures of the night and how to dispatch them. It is rather exciting seeing how God has a plan for everything. My doubts about Brother Thomas are fading the more I see and understand how God deals with sinners. It is truly an honor to be serving such a Godly man. He is truly gifted and wields Gods power with a just cause.

For some time now I have noticed that I do not feel as fatigued as those around me. Somehow the special “brew” Brother Thomas gives us, grants us not only Gods strength but we do not age as mortal men. This is truly Gods gift to us. What an incredible blessing to be given strength and longevity!

The years have been good. Brother Thomas has seen fit to leave us to our own tasks and spend less and less time supervising our efforts. It is such an honor to have him put his faith in our abilities.

Brother Thomas appeared before me today with a very unusual look on his face. He seemed to be sad when he looked at me. He told me to take some of our special “brew” and take it to a city called “Lizbin” and that he would meet me there once I arrived. Normally I would not even question such an order but… just the way he looked and sounded did not seem like his normal confident self. I wonder what he was feeling at that moment when he gave me the order. I did not question him and did as he asked. Something inside me thinks that maybe I should have at least asked him what troubled him so.

Today we start our journey to Lizbin. Although I am no stranger to the sea, I have never spent so much time travelling by ship. I wonder if I would be able to handle the journey well enough. Huh, what am I saying, I am “Sedocious the Greek!” of course I can handle a boat ride!

We made it to Lisbon! I must admit that I was a tad worried I would not be able to handle the sea much longer. It is a wonderful ride but I have come to the conclusion that for me it will only do in short doses. This is the first time we have journeyed so far away and I am truly excited to meet up with Brother Thomas to find out what he has in store for me. Either way we will certainly see to it that God’s work is done.

My first order of business was to go meet with Brother Thomas outside of the city. As I secured my belongings being unloaded from the boat I had a very strange feeling. It was almost as if I were being watched closely from afar. I of course surveyed my surroundings but could not pick out any individual in particular that seemed to be interested in my activities so I thought it was just my imagination. The problem was that I felt it again as I was making my way toward the city gates. It was darker as evening was approaching so I could not even begin to see if anyone was watching me.

Suddenly Brother Thomas seemed to have appeared out of nowhere in front of me and just gives me a very blank and expressionless stare and tells me to follow him. I did as he asked but decided not to speak directly to him. I felt like he was probably not ready for a conversation at that very moment. We headed west away from the city towards a small farm. He led me directly into a barn just outside the homestead. “Brother Thomas is everything all right?” “Yes my son everything is and will be alright. Please do not speak further, we are waiting for another servant and all will become clear to you then.” Just as he had finished saying that, his attention turned back toward the city and as I looked in that same direction, I could barely see a figure of a man approaching. “Right on time… and not a moment to lose.” He seemed to be muttering to himself.

“Sir Gerold. Glad you could make it, this is Sedocious, he will be your new partner, come we have little time and must begin right away.” After that very brief explanation he leads us both into the barn. He then asks me to show him my blade. I pull it out and hand it to him. “Fine craftsmanship, where did you come upon this fine blade?” He asked me this as he walked behind me. I was about to answer him when I felt a sharp pain shoot from the center of my back into my chest, and then I felt a wave of warmth cover my body from head to toe. It was as if I were slowly being submerged by warm water. I could not fight off the sleep that came next, so tired. I thought of how embarrassed I would be to wake up after having suddenly nodded off. Where were my manors after all?

Those were my last thoughts of my life, though I didn’t fully realize it yet. I awoke with an incredibly powerful thirst. I don’t remember who fed me, but I do remember calming down from this thirst and seeing Brother Thomas standing over me as I crouched over my cup of life giving liquid. I quickly stood and tried to compose myself and try to look somewhat respectable in front of Brother Thomas and this Gerald fellow. “Sedocious welcome to the night, God has called you for a special purpose, and to fulfill that purpose you have become a child of the night, a vampire.”

I was shocked, afraid and filled with terror, excited and full of questions all at once. I was speechless and did not even know where to begin. I usually don’t even question the methods that Brother Thomas uses to achieve God’s goals, but it was one thing to imagine it and completely another to experience the life of a demon that is cursed to the night for the rest of his life. I had a life that I would now have to give up because of my situation. If there was ever a time that I doubted Brother Thomas and his methods it was right then.

He introduced Gerald Longstrider and me to each other and explained that something has gone terribly wrong. He explained that there are things that should not be happening and we would have to do what we could to correct it. He then quickly explained we had to complete a ritual that would help us be more connected with each other. After going through the ritual he explained more to us that in order to set things right, he needed us to retrieve certain items. He explained these items should be easy enough to distinguish and identify. He explained that he would have to be leaving soon and that he could no longer help us directly. He kept talking as he walked us out to a well on the farm.

After he finished his explanations he said to us “good luck my sons, I hope to see you again when I can.” At that he fell backwards into the well. Gerald and I quickly ran to the edge of the well and looked down but could not see him. He had vanished. Just as he did so, I had that strange feeling as if I were being watched. This time though I was able to see into the night that there were some rather large birds circling overhead. It seemed that though we were cursed to walk the night forever more, we were given some gifts as well.


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