Gerald Longstrider

The Bard with a quick wit, and a story that is ALWAYS bigger than yours.




Grew up in his parents inn, learning his trade at the feet the best traveling bards. During his adolescence he saw a red haired man with a strange silver mirror sit down at the bar. When he went into the basement to get something for his father the whole inn was blanketed in darkness that stole his breath away. Shortly after a fire consumed the inn and killed his parents. He blames this man and seeks revenge.

Before entering into the service a Brother Thomas he encountered this man again some 6 years later. The man had not aged. When he went to confront the man that devils darkness filled not only the inn but the whole block of buildings. He escaped the darkness and passed out at the feet of a templar monk who would change his existence forever.

And so the story of Gerald Longstrider began. Steeped in tragedy, boiled in blood with no small touch of levity. This tall talking minstrel embarks on a grand adventure that will take him through the ages in pursuit of an all consuming vengeance that changes him forever. Will he be the hero or the villain? Who can tell. What we do know is it will be grand in the telling!

A Tale of Blood and Ice

The year? I know not.
The place? Heaven, Hell, a dream?
This I do know. The Lady is ALL.

I write this to you my friend in hopes someone will read it and know the fate of the oft mentioned Gerald Longstrider. I am mentioned oft, am I not? Regardless, you will pass on this telling of a place most terrible and wonderful. I know not how long I have been here though it seems like a season, but feels like a life time.

It all started with a need for revenge and a cold dunk in Winter’s pond……..

Gerald Longstrider

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