prophecy scroll

Scroll that was found in the 13th clan room in the Combra University Library. It is lettering tattooed into skin that has been treated into leather. Upon closer examination the tatoo was stretched as the person who had it grew. The scroll has been dated via the brujah bracelet to Enoch and the language is English. The scroll does not seem to be complete as though it have been ripped at the bottom.

The Prophecy is as follows:

Words of Ereshkigal

Long ago, after the waters of wrath receded. The Childer of Cain dwelt in the second city for an age with the children of Seth. The Dark Father had long departed leaving his three Children to govern over the city as gods.

It was during this time that I came among my brothers and sisters. I went unto the throne of the second generation and my sire. Having visions both before and after my embrace, I was held as a prophetess. In my vision I saw a curse laid by the Dark Father himself over the cainites, and would consume them. Armed with prophecy of the coming betrayal, they heeded my words and took council with me. They loved their own childer and begged for a way to protect them from the curse. In my visions I saw a way. They prepared for the end of that age and gave unto each a gift. Each was made of moon metal and in a pleasing form for the Antediluvian.

Not long after did those same Antediluvians rebel against the Trinity of Cain’s childer and each other. The curse was stifled.. The damage done had left Enoch in ruins. This account I leave as Enoch burns around me.

In my final ours Urial came unto me with a vision. I saw those gifts shining in the moonlight change hands throughout the war of ages, till at last they were gathered together since leaving the second city. I saw three brothers and childer of Malkav fall at the feet of their sire and weep. I knew not what they surely saw in their madness. At last conviction crossed their faces as they gathered the artifacts. The departed that night from the City of Peace each though a different gate.

The Eldest came unto Galicia bearing 4 of the gifts. He sought out a Wiseman to charm them so they may never leave the land. A follower of Hermes told the brother that nothing short of Angels or Demons could break his enchantment.

His task complete he embraced 3 childer and made ready through them the road for the prophets to reclaim these gifts and usher in the beginning of the end. I saw him walk then into the sun and its radiance, bound for oblivion.

The Childer concealed the path among knowledge. After the eagle had landed they followed after their sire. For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt though return.

prophecy scroll

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