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  • Brujah silver sword

    Given to Sir Stefano (Gerald) in exchange for a major boon. Was identified as one of the 4 items missing from the Combra university crypt. Specifically from the Brujah room.

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    WEAPONDAMAGEConceal Min Str.NotesCost in Pennys
    Magical Weapons   & …

  • Gerald Longstrider

    Grew up in his parents inn, learning his trade at the feet the best traveling bards. During his adolescence he saw a red haired man with a strange silver mirror sit down at the bar. When he went into the basement to get something for his father the …

  • Albed ibn Kashik

    Born to a family of pirates who sailed the mediterranean seeking fortune and treasure. It was found early on that his abilities were in crafting and commerce rather than pillaging. At one point while at his studies a monk visited the cavern hidaway and …

  • Sedocious

    Sedocious was born in Heraklion Greece. Growing up he had encountered a group of crusaders and since then always admired them for their courage, honesty, and ferocity. Sedocious had always believed it was the right thing to do to defend those unable to …

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