Iberia By Night

Coterie 2

Year of our Lord 1212,

Gerald quietly approached the gate of Lisbon. He dismounted his horse and greeted the guards at the gate. He noticed that the guards seemed to have wooden tipped spears near their positions. It seemed odd. He asked for leave to enter the city, but was told to return in the day. Determined to enter he informed them of his “Templar” status and that his mission involved great importance. Reluctantly they let him pass.

Most of the night had passed which left Gerald with precious little time to find a haven. He headed toward the docks, knowing that their rooms would be cheap. After performing a ritual to protect himself from the harmful rays of the sun he collapsed on the floor.

The next night he felt a summons toward the north of the City, perhaps even outside the city. Upon arriving he found Brother Thomas with a short and stout man. He did not seem to be dead, but rather in the midst of a ritual with Brother Thomas. Upon the Alter within the barn there was that same bottle that glowed red and was magically altered. Then in less than a blink of an eye Brother Thomas had drawn the new man’s sword and impaled him. The ritual was completed with the feeding of the blood from the chalice.

Gerald entered and greet his sudo sire. He learned that the name of his newest companion and “brother” was Sedocious. He was a known warrior from Byzantine that was called, “the Greek”. Brother Thomas encouraged them to enter the city. He went to the well, painted ash colored dust over each eye in the shape of an ‘x’ and fell into the water. Disappearing once again from their lives.

They tried to enter the farm house that was near by to gain information but some force kept them from entering. After talking enough with the farmers, they merited an invitation to enter. Upon this invitation they could indeed bypass the force the previously seem stronger than steel.

They road back on Gerald’s horse to the western gate of Lisbon.

After declaring themselves again as Templar they entered into the city. While walking down the road toward the docks district a wall of shadow appeared ahead of them. In a matter of seconds they were fully encircled and at a lose of what to do, so they prepared themselves for battle. Gerald who encountered this twice before was more angry and hoping that the cainite he is seeking is the one present. At that point over the wall they hear a young girls voice call to them and their business. She wanted to know why the tall one had been in town for a day and still had yet to present himself before the prince.

Gerald turned on the charm hoping to calm the situation, but the girl obviously had the advantage. She insisted that they throw down their arms and be escorted to the court immediately. Both being new cainites and and unsure of their abilities threw down their weapons. Instantly the shadow dissipated, and before them stood a moorish girl of maybe 15. She quickly inquired of their clan and reason for being in the kingdom. The heroes thought about telling a lie, but quickly mentioned they were of clan Assamite. She introduced herself to them as Zarah bint Albed. Gerald quickly mentioned that they traveled with a Moor named Albed. Her eyes narrowed at this news and asked where he could be found. They told her that he was traveling by wagon and should be arriving in the next week or two.

She took them up the hill to the castle that loomed above the city on the hill. The guards at the castle gates opened the gates without even acknowledging her. Deep within the dungeons of the castle sat a large warrior in legion armor. At his side was a silver handled hilt that was ribbed above and below the handle.

Gerald being wise to the ways of a noble court introduced himself and his companion. In turn the Prince introduced his court. To his right was a monk adviser in a brown robes named Balesquida who seemed to be staring intently, almost through the heroes. On his left was a skinny man with a half mask covering an obvious burn. His title was Liaison to the Reconquesta, and his name was Vicente de Cardona. He was displaying the most wealth of the court. After him The sheriff was introduced as Flavia, childe of Marcio. She too was dressed in legion armor, though she favored a more modern sword. To her right was a man sweet smelling man with craftsman’s hands, named Luis De Mason. It was stated that he was working to restore the Cathedral in the center of town. Lastly the girl who brought them was introduced as Zarah Bint Albed, she was the scourge of the kingdom.

The prince inquired into their activities, and they quite honestly professed they were working for a man named Brother Thomas, searching for various items on his behalf. The prince gave them leave to operate in the city and advised them that all hunting activities are to be kept to the Jewish district on the western part of the city. He gave them leave of his personal ghoul to guide them on their first night.

After the meeting the heroes were lead out by Zarah who asked after her brothers last known location, so she could send aid to him. The heroes then went and gathered their items from the inn near the docks district, and headed toward the Templar strong hold. Passing by the Roman ruins below the castle, the headed east and north. The could see the Templar Banner flying from the Fortress as they approached. Around this time Gerald felt the tingles start at the base of his neck warning of immediate danger. He dove to the left off his horse toward a parked cart near an abandoned inn. At the same moment an arrow struck the Greek in the chest dropping more from surprise than hurt. He pulled the arrow and also go behind the cart as Gerald ran toward the front the building. He burst through the door, and raced up the stairs. The Greek began the task of distracting the archer. Gerald ran into the room and pushed the archer out of the window with his sorcery. The second man attacked him from the shadows. Sedocius fell upon the paralyzed man before him to gain strength for the fight. Gerald quickly dispatched the other, while the Greek ran to help his friend. These foes were human, not even ghouls. They had no tunic, yet their training claimed them as men at arms at best or Yeoman as worst. The Templar compound sent a squad of soldiers over to investigate the disturbance near their walls. When the heroes returned to the injured man outside they found the prince’s ghoul had finished the dying man.

Gerald gave his patience of nobility to the Templar order and they were granted sanctuary and told to report to the officer in charge in the morning. They found a good sanctuary in the basement of the chapel with shelves for the dead and two stone sarcophagi with christian knights chiseled into the stone. The heroes found the sun had finally caught them and the Greek feel to the ground exhausted. Gerald found that the two torch holders made clicking sounds when moved. He moved tried three combinations before managing to open a secret opening below the northern sarcophagus. He managed to push the Greek in before falling into blackness himself.

The next morning Gerald awoke first and found more stone shelves imbedded in the walls with two actual stone coffins with large treasure chests before each one. He lighted a torch and began to pick the lock of one of the chests. After opening the first check he stepped back from the danger that rolled off the chest. The chilling force of Faith held him at bay till he could close the lid. He checked the other chest but was met with the same resistance. His greedy self got the better of him and used his sword to move aside the cloth covering the items below. It appeared that jugs filled with Holy water and many leather bags were in the chest. Confidant that he could come back later and claim this treasure he waited for the Greek to wake.

Almost on Cue the Greek awoke. They found that a ladder had been broken near where they fell last night. The used the lever to unlock the door above and used Gerald’s sorcery to levitate up. After reaching the courtyard to the Templar compound a sergeant approached the heroes and inquired why they had not met with the officer in charge. They replied that they will have to meet him tomorrow.

After gathering their horses they headed down to the docks district to gather Gerald’s belongings from the inn. Not having presented their request to enter Combra they returned again to the three towered castle above the city to inquire about gaining access to the library.

They were met again by Zarah who told them that she could help the heroes curry favor with the Prince if they were to help her capture or kill Lobo Blanco. He has been harassing pilgrims on the road north for sometime, but has evaded her ability to capture him and bring him to the Prince’s justice. The Heroes said they would be welling to help but they would need supplies, both mundane and magical. She directed them to a known mage in the merchant district who dealt in magical items.

Having visited the mage and also acquiring Armor that was made for a prince for the Greek as he was small in stature. Gerald who is now called Sir Stefano de Lisbon found a the best armor he had ever laid eyes on. He inquired about the price, but the smith told him it was already bought and paid for by Count Philip. Gerald who did not like the rudeness of the ghoul decided to persuade the smith to part with the armor by bribing him.

Stefano and the Greek headed back to the Castle to meet with Zarah. She told them that she would wanted to wait till her Brother was here. She insisted that she needed to talk with him about a person called Achmed. She offered to have the horses returned to the Templar compound and show them an alternate way to their haven should they wish to travel by stealth. The heroes agreed.

She took them into the bowels of the castle. to a large stone door that was at least 15 fee tall and 4 feet thick. She was only a little taller than the Greek and they both moved forward to help her move the door, but she waved them off. To their great astonishment she opened the door with ease and let them down into the sewers. After leading them for a long time in a single direction downhill they came to a junction that offered a left and right passage. She took the, left which let them back up the hill. They came at last to a smaller side passage off the main one that had a small cross scratched into the wall. She pushed open the stone door next to the opening from from which the keeps privy must exit. The room was a small storage room right next the basement entrance to their haven. She departed and they climbed down for the night.

After the sun had gone down the Greek who woke very early decided to investigate the two stone sarcophagi that they slept next too. He discovered they each had a large chest that was locked at the based of the sarcophagus. Inside were the remains of the two previous Masters who oversaw the order here. He could tell by the style that they had not been there more than 5 years. Most likely around when the city was taken. Stefano awoke and was more interested in the chests. He used his skills and dexterity to open each of the chests. Within they found the top layer was white cloth. The faith aura that came from each was enough that they both were cautious removing it with their swords. Below they found several sealed bottles each with a single cross painted on it. Below seemed to be a few small leather bags. Stefano moved the bag a little and it jingled. He tried to removed the bag but it would not move. The Greek implored him to leave it be as it could be the treasury of the order and that would be stealing. Seeing no other option while being observed he helped placed everything back.

After ascending once again from the crypt they decided they needed to be bathed to rid themselves of the scent of shit. They found a squire who told them in the merchant quarter there near the ruins there was a Roman Bath that was still being operated. He also let them know that the Master requires their presence in the morning.

They headed out and found the bath fairly quickly. A large brute of a man was standing guard while a smaller man was directing traffic and taking coin. After the smaller man sized up each of them he offered to them the private bath for 10 coins each. He said that it comes with refreshment and launder of their clothes. The agreed.. After an about 10 minutes of soaking they heard foot steps approaching. A woman of beauty with long black hair let two servants with two bowls of red liquid. She introduced herself as Zelda the Madam of this bath. She told them that they offer many services for their kind should they wish to indulge. She also let them know that their clothing would be ready in an hour or so. With nothing left to do, and very thirsty from not having and blood the last couple of nights they partook. It was mortal blood that tasted slightly of the poppy.

Near the end of the hour a voice called out to them, which caused them both to jump quickly out of the water. There stood Flavia the Sheriff. She told them that she had been sent by her sire. He has heard that they wish to enter Combra where currently only his Brujah companions and fellow Promethean dwell. She said that her sister had gone missing along with the previous king. Because this happened long before they had arrvied the prince can trust that they were not involved. She scowled at them during this entire conversation. She indicated that they could also investigate people missing in the Jewish quarter as a starting place. She then left.

After they had dressed a servant arrived with a letter written in Latin offering to host them for the evening at the Private estate in noble row. On the way to the estate Stefano began to be come annoyed at the Greeks constant badgering to teach him English. To teach him a lesson he began to teach him incorrectly. So that if he ever spoke with someone in that tongue he would be embarrassed at best and dead at worst.

When they arrived they were brought in to dining room. The whole house was filled with wealth finery. The servant in a very monotone voice told them that their host Vicente de Cardona would be arriving soon. He left through a very dark doorway. Upon closer inspection it looked like there was a wall of darkness. Vicente came through the doorway that was filled with darkness and greeted his guests. He questioned them about their commitment to the Reconquesta and to Christianity in general. He stated that though he supports his prince he wonders such a neutral stance against the Moors was wise. He suggested that perhaps a new leader, a christian leader was needed to insure the safety of the city. The blood to which they were drinking was not normal. It tasted like the blood of a person who had drunkhimself to death. The Greek did not seem to notice and had many helpings. Stefano stopped after his first. The Greek being a Christian, but not a catholic confirmed his faith, but was unsure of these politics. Sir Stefano did not comment one way or the other. As he was getting ready to escort them out. He took the Greek by the shoulders and asked if he could speak with him privately. Without giving anyone a chance to speak he took him through the shadow filled door. Stefano not trusting the Lasombra who are known to have powers over the mind dashed into the doorway after them. It took a few moments to right himself as he entered the other room. The Greek was standing rather still as Vicente had just finished his sentence. Stefano politely told Vicente they would consider his words, but must be going.

After exiting they found themselves once again in need of slumber and headed back to the Templar compound with much to think about.

During the day Stefano was awakened by the haven door opening and a few heavily armored mend descending into the crypt. They had long spears. Stefano tried to wake the Greek, but got no response. He fought them off long enough to fly out of the entrance where several archers waited and shot him into Torpor. Both he and the Greek were loaded up and shipped away for almost two weeks.

When the arrows/stake was removed they found themselves in a large chapel. A man introduced himself as Pater De Leon and told them he was the master of Templar order in the Kingdom of Portugal. He stated he was also an emissary of the Cardinal Moncada. He let them know that should they desire to continue to use the Templar Havens that they would need to swear an oath and join the reconquesta. If they like the Prince in Lisbon wish to remain neutral then they must vacate the haven and no longer use the Templar identification papers. He let them know they are in Tomar the Templar capital of the kingdom and that Lisbon is south West should they wish to return.

Exiting the fort above the town they decided to look for some sustenance. The Greek was quickly able to locate some livestock and took his fill. Gerald had an issue where his prey escaped. He caused the prey to fly high into the air while screaming about witchcraft. Frustrated her met up with the Greek heading south. Towards the edge of town. There they meet Zarah who tells them its time to pay their dues in helping her kill the Gangrel. She states that Just west of here past the hills region is a haunted forest to which the Gangrel might be living.

She said that her servants have sent word that her brother. should be on his way as back up for them should they need it. After several hours of riding they came over the last hill and could see a large forest ahead with a mountain range behind. They could see that even though it was out of season they area has had fresh snow. Howls erupted nearby and once again Stefano was aware of the danger. A pack of wolves attacked them while the area with Zarah went completely black as night. They were able to kill the wolves but found that Zarah had almost been ripped in half. Steam began to rise from the dead wolves as the snow began to fall around them. The Heroes decided to head back to town with Zarah.

They had hid in a barn, and only by the ritual of Stefano were they untouched by the sun. They talked about what they should due, and fed some blood to Zarah. She healed very slowly. Stefano noticed a person’s eyes watching them and turn and run after he had been seen. Stefano was unable to make a sight connection as the boy turned corners too fast. The greek was able to help Heard the boy back toward the barn and caught him with a serpent stare. He brought him back to Zarah who changed his memory. The Heroes also asked if they could check the Greek for anything wrong as he had that encounter with Vicente. She was able to undo the Dominate as she was a lower generation than Vicente.

She told them to go on ahead and scout the area while she would wait for her brother and follow.


nice job jason

Coterie 2

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