Iberia By Night

Coterie 1

Year of our Lord 1162

Sir Barnabas has continued on his quest to master the blade of legend that is the bane of vampires and were-creatures alike. Germain’s fear of death left no option but to return and join Brother Thomas in London shortly the latest incident.

It was great timing as the others had been crushed by the explosion and needed to be dug out quickly if they were to survive at all. His strength gained by being a ghoul helped rescue Albed and Gerald. There was not enough of Travis left to save him from his fate. After being dug out of their graves and transported to the Templar grounds outside of the city, Brother Thomas worked quickly to revive his followers to their previous states. He then preformed a ritual using a glowing clear flask of blood to embrace both of them. This is was done outside of the protection of the Prince of London, so to avoid the ire of the methuselah he placed them in a trance like state using more thaumaturgy. There they resided for almost 50 years till their bodies and treasures were transported to a ship headed for Iberia.

Year of our Lord 1212

After a few years of helping Brother Thomas doing occult research Germain was joined by a distant cousin from the east. They both being members of a sect within in the Rom that hunted supernatural creatures found they could not oppose the reasoning of Brother Thomas, nor deny that he has called them to a high purpose. Over those 50 years of preparation, they gathered occult scrolls and tomes. Brother Thomas was researching ancient cainite tools lost throughout the ages. The succeeding rebellion against King Henry had finally reached the capital. On the night before the siege was to begin Brother Thomas had Germain and his cousin help load Albed and Gerald aboard the ship.

During the week it took to come to the small Harbor just north of Lisbon, allowed Brother Thomas to use his ritual once again to embrace Germain and his cousin. Then after instructing them with their task he woke up both Gerald and Albed.

Both Gerald and Albed awoke from their years of dreaming within the land of the fae to which they have imparted part of the souls. Albed visited and rejoiced in his time with the Summer Lady and her court, while Gerald gave into his hate and sold himself fully for the vengeance against the murderer who killed his parents, while residing within the winter court of the Sihde.

Brother Thomas gathered the new cainites around him and told them a little of their destiny. God has a plan to use them as tools to thwart the enemy from the vile changes being brought upon mankind. With aged eyes he told them of his prophecies that he has followed for ages. He then told them that he has little time left. Soon the sleep of Torpor would claim him for a time. He lead them in the holy sacrament, and taught them of the vaulderie so they could bind themselves to each other and no other. He also taught them that they belonged to Clan Assamite. For Gerald and Albed it seemed strange as they had heard that those of that clan turned darker with age, while they in fact had become paler and almost glowed a little in the candle light.

After it was done, he informed the group that they are to be searching for ancient items of power. Gerald Longstrider has actually seen one of these items during the night his parents were murdered. It was a silver Mirror with ribed parts both above and below the handle. There are many of these items to be found through out Iberia, but there are no descriptions of these items that he and his ghouls could uncover. He was able to find references that the items were transported to the area under the Romans in order to protect them. This rumor was not confirmed though.

They departed that very night in long boats toward a cove with a small village North of Lisbon. They were given Patences of nobility for both the Christian Kingdoms and the Al-Aldonas. Upon landing with their many riches that survived England they sought out sanctuary in the decrepit Templar fort. Albed with his inherited site from his Mortal days quickly identified an ugly vampire that was watching them from the town.

The heroes having learned a healthy respect for the nosferatu asked for leave to stay a time in the village till the could build a wagon to haul all their things. They learned that they resided within the kingdom of Portugal which belonged to Marcio the Brujah. The prince has restricted access to the norther city of Coimbra which is rumored to have a great library and university. Thinking that the region must have a scourge they planned to set out to Lisbon and present themselves before the prince and his court in hopes of currying favor and gaining access to Coimbra.

Albed had finished his Wagon within the week and they borrowed a family of the village to help them continue to travel during the day. Halfway to Lisbon, the wagon was attacked by Saracen raiders. They surrounded the wagon and planned to take the Nobles hostage. While conversing with the leader fire erupted and chaos ensued. Men flew up in the air and then fell to their deaths. Unfortunately the wagon had caught fire and the Vizer “cousin” of Germain was trapped within. Germain’s beast drove him down the road while the wagon on fire followed after. This left Gerald and Albed to deal with the remaining Moors. Gerald used his new found Thaumatergy, while Albed used stealth.

After the dust cleared, Albed and Gerald burned the bodies, and sought their companions. The loan survivor of the raid recorded his findings and returned south to report his findings to his Sultan.

It was planned that Albed would work to fix the wagon while Gerald headed south to scout and seek help from the city.



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